Dooors 22 Walkthrough HD | Stage 22, Door 22 | Dooors Walkthrough

Dooors 22 is a fun puzzle that starts off by tapping the dots to match the color pattern in the video. Starting clockwise from the bottom left : Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Red.

Now tap the Brown square on your far left. Then tap the magnifying glass, which will activate it. Tap the dot pattern on the back of the tiger on your right, if you want to view the legend.

Leaf = Green, Lemon = Yellow, Cherry = Red, Peach = Orange, Banana = Yellow, Eggplant = Purple and Strawberry = Red.

Dooors 22 Walkthrough
Stage 22
Dooors 22
Door 22
Level 22
iPod Touch Version

Dooors Walkthrough
Dooors Cheats
Doors Walkthrough
Doors Cheats

HD Walkthrough
Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod


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