Dooors 20 Walkthrough HD | Stage 20, Door 20 | Dooors Walkthrough

The puzzle for Dooors 20 is a bit tricky. First, tap the dots to match the pattern on the video. On the left : Top = 3, Middle = 7 and Bottom = 2. On the right : Top = 5, Middle = 6 and Bottom = 6. Now tap the door and you should be home free.

Dooors 20 Walkthrough
Stage 20
Dooors 20
Door 20
Level 20
iPod Touch Version

Dooors Walkthrough
Dooors Cheats
Doors Walkthrough
Doors Cheats

HD Walkthrough
Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod


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June 9, 2012Permalink 2 Comments
2 Responses to Dooors 20 Walkthrough HD | Stage 20, Door 20 | Dooors Walkthrough
  1. meh says:

    What is the logic to this puzzle please? To be honest, I don’t understand this one at all. :/

  2. meh says:

    This walkthrough doesn’t work. Your written instructions don’t match the number of clicks shown on the video, but I tried both sets of instructions anyway, and NEITHER of them work.
    I spent too long messing around to pass this level trying to line up red ones facing the door in different ways… I eventually passed but don’t know how or why.
    I don’t see the logic if there is any.
    Seeing as there is an incorrect puzzle earlier on, I’m beginning to think this game is all wrong.

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